Create first-class quality sanitary ware valve core products of Hent


Structural characteristics of right angle valve for drinking water
The whole water circuit of the right angle valve products for drinking water is injected with PPO materials that meet the food grade standards to isolate the water from the metal valve body, so as to achieve no precipitation of heavy metal pollutants and contact with water. The sealed ceramic valve core is also produced with PPO materials that meet the food grade standards, and the products meet the standards for drinking water

The split valve core structure prevents the high-pressure valve core from falling off
High quality special copper alloy valve body is explosion-proof, break proof, leak proof, antifreeze and crack proof
The self-developed split valve core structure is adopted, and the valve body is separated from the valve core to avoid bursting and water leakage caused by falling off or deformation of the valve core caused by long-term pressure. The special high-quality copper makes the valve body undergo the production process inspection of withstanding the high temperature of 300 ° C / 120 kg force for 40 seconds during the injection molding process, so that each valve body product can be fully inspected on the production line. In the freezing test, the product reaches minus 40C and the valve body is frozen for 12 hours without frost crack