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Establish a century old foundation and strive to be a pioneer in the industry -- on the growth process of Guangdong Hent Technology Co., Ltd
  • Date:2022-04-02
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Guangdong Hent Technology Co., Ltd., located in the sanitary ware industry base in Zhishan Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province, is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing the core components of sanitary ware faucets - precision ceramic valve core series products and thermostatic control valves for solar water heaters, integrating R & D, production and sales.
Establish a foundation industry - move south to create a modern valve core industrial park
In 1993, in Shenluda Industrial Park in Nan'an, Fujian, Shenluda's ready-made production workshop became the earliest workshop of Hante. At that time, the enterprise name was Fujian Nan'an Special Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "special ceramics"). Today, these factories are still there, and some products of Hante are still going to the market from here. For the founder of hunter, the existence of this form is more meaningful in feeling. To preserve this feeling, there will be some lasting warmth on the cold objects. Speaking of the beginning of entrepreneurship, Xie Xiangxin, founder of Hante, expressed his gratitude to Shenluda. He said that Hante company has grown from scratch and from small to large, which is inseparable from the strong support of Hong Guangming, chairman of Shenluda. Hante originated from Shenluda and grew up in Guangdong. This history will never be forgotten.
In 2003, in order to further accelerate the development of the enterprise, integrate the company's resources, develop high-tech products and form the competitive advantage of the enterprise, Xie Xiangxin, the general manager of the company, resolutely decided to direct investment in Jishan Town, Heshan City, one of the plumbing bases in Guangdong, establish Guangdong Hante Technology Co., Ltd. and establish a modern valve core production industrial park. Under the overall planning of the company, the project of high-tech plumbing products was developed. The first phase of the project invested 40 million yuan to build a manufacturing and R & D plant for core components such as ceramic valve core, which was officially put into operation in 2005. At present, the land use area of the company has reached 50000 square meters, including 30000 square meters of plant and office buildings. It has more than 500 professional and technical personnel, management personnel and production employees. Today, Hante has become a modern industrial enterprise with strong strength, advanced technology and strict management. It is one of the largest ceramic valve core manufacturers in China.
Daring to innovate -- casting the Chinese "core" of sanitary products
In 2004, 2006 and 2010, the company participated in the drafting and formulation of the National Light Industry General technical conditions for faucets qb1334-2004, the industrial standard qb2806-2006 for temperature controlled faucets and the industrial standard QB / t4051-2010 for temperature controlled mixing valves for solar water heaters. It is a well-known ceramic valve core manufacturer in China.
Innovative products and technologies are the survival path of sustainable development of enterprises. The company always adheres to and attaches importance to the independent research and development of new products and technologies, specially sets up a new product research and development team, establishes a new product research and development management system, adheres to the product upgrading purpose of "production generation, trial production generation, research generation and conception generation", and adheres to extracting 3-5% of the sales revenue as the special fund for the research and development of new products. At present, the enterprise has 11 patented technologies and 10 patented products with independent intellectual property rights. Among them, the new material of special ceramics (also known as 99 porcelain) developed by the company is a leading domestic technology. The valve core seal made by it can be used normally for 500000 times without leakage, and the quality index and use effect have reached the international level. The cold and hot water synchronous switch constant temperature water mixer for the final shower of solar water heater is the first in China after provincial scientific and technological appraisal, and its quality is leading at home and abroad.
On the morning of April 29, 2011, the expert group of China Hardware Association, together with representatives of many leading enterprises of solar water heaters in China - Huangming Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Taiyangyu, Shandong sangle, Shandong renoret and other enterprises, visited Guangdong Hent Technology Development Co., Ltd. for investigation and research, and unanimously praised Hante's high-tech products.

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