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Bathroom quality "soul"! Hent technology represents the guardian of quality and takes the stage of 2019 China sanitary ware Quality Conference!!
  • Date:2022-03-26
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"Do a good job in quality and achieve champion quality." Xie Xiangxin, chairman of Hent technology.
In the Zhongjie exclusive interview area of 2019 China sanitary ware quality conference, Hent technology answered reporters' questions. For Hante technology, quality is by no means a whim. Hent technology has persisted and studied for 28 years to do a good job in the small matter of "valve core", protect the core part of bathroom quality, and constantly pursue qualitative transcendence. For quality, Hent technology never despises!

On December 6, sponsored by and sponsored by Hent technology, the "2019 China sanitary ware quality conference", a large-scale event jointly built by 13 + sanitary ware producing areas, 16 + industry associations, 20 + authoritative testing / certification institutions, 100 + sanitary ware entrepreneurs, 400 + quality directors, giants in the field of home circulation, real estate centralized procurement giants and upstream and downstream industrial chains, was grandly held in Tianyuan Hotel, Xiamen, China. This is not only a "cry" of sanitary ware quality, but also a "heartfelt event" of Chinese sanitary ware national brands, condensing the ingenuity of Chinese sanitary ware and building a high-quality development ecology of the industry! As the representative of the guardian of sanitary ware quality, Hante technology took the stage at the 2019 China sanitary ware quality conference, fully explaining the high affirmation of Hent both inside and outside the industry.
The craftsman of "soul" of bathroom quality, Hent technology has always been committed to quality for 28 years
Casting the soul of quality; Lay a foundation for a century and build a new industry. This is a positive energy "gathering" about quality. For quality, every guardian of bathroom quality has sincere piety and perseverance in his heart. It is Hent's commitment to quality over the past 28 years that makes it the "soul" craftsman who protects the quality of sanitary ware in China! Therefore, at the 2019 China Quality Conference and boiling cup award ceremony, Hent technology, as the soul enterprise of China's sanitary ware quality, and Xie Xiangxin, as the representative of China's sanitary ware quality guardian, stepped on the stage of 2019 China sanitary ware quality conference and issued a strong voice for quality!
Declaration on quality protection -- Xie Xiangxin, chairman of Guangdong Hent Technology Co., Ltd.:
I am the guardian of bathroom quality. Quality is not only faith, but also persistence. One million tests are only one delivery. From ceramic valve core, thermostatic faucet, lead-free angle valve to health faucet, we always respect the requirements of product quality and have no end.

Do a good job in the small matter of valve core in 28 years and protect the quality!
Valve core is known as the heart of the leader. The development of China's leading valve core reflects the production logic of China's sanitary ware from small to large and from weak to strong. In a short period of 28 years, Hent technology has carefully studied and invested in research, creating Chinese made products of international quality.
Before the 1990s, the development of sanitary ware in China was backward. At that time, the faucet was mainly spiral. The spiral faucet needed to rotate repeatedly. The water was slow, inconvenient to use and easy to leak. If you want to make a high-quality faucet, you must completely solve the valve core problem. Xie Xiangxin is aware of this problem.
In 1991, Xie Xiangxin followed his uncle Xie Qingjun to Shenzhen to develop a quick opening faucet and apply for a patent. This is also the first generation of ceramic valve core faucet in China. The quick opening faucet, which promoted the development of China's leading valve core industry, opened the prelude and became an important turning point of the sanitary ware industry in the 1990s. Subsequently, Hent technology cooperated with Shenluda, and Nan'an ceramic quick opening faucet rose rapidly, driving the development of the whole bathroom industry. In the first stage of quality defense war, Hante technology successfully guarded it.
In 2000, with the accumulation of previous experience, the industry entered a period of rapid development. Thermostatic faucets are widely used. The water quality conditions in various regions of China are different. Foreign thermostatic faucets can not adapt to China's water quality conditions. Thermostatic faucets have unstable temperature controlled water outlet. So that consumers and agents have a questioning attitude towards the thermostatic faucet and dare not easily try to use and sell it. Quality is no trivial matter, and people's livelihood is a major matter. In 2005, Xie Xiangxin and experts in the valve core industry jointly invested in research, which is bound to develop thermostatic faucets suitable for China's water quality conditions. After repeated research and testing, they finally developed thermostatic faucets truly suitable for Chinese consumers. In the third stage of quality promotion competition, Hante technology also handed over an excellent result; In 2013, the "faucet lead incident" broke out in China. The precipitation of heavy metals in the faucet triggered market panic and an industrial innovation. At that time, the main faucets and angle valve spools in the market were mostly made of low-quality copper, resulting in heavy metal pollution in the water source. "To this end, in 2015, we developed an internationally pioneering lead-free environmental protection explosion-proof angle valve." In the third stage, at the darkest moment of valve core quality, Hent technology once again led China's bathroom valve core technology to create another miracle!
Quality proof! Angle valve research center of China Building and sanitary ceramics industry settled in Hent Technology
Wang Wei, Secretary General of the sanitary ware branch of China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, read out the reply: in order to improve the quality level of angle valve products and build a first-class national brand, after the research and decision of China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, it is agreed to establish the "angle valve research center of China Building and sanitary ceramics industry".
On the morning of October 30, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of angle valve research center of China's building and sanitary ceramics industry was held in Hent technology. China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association solemnly announced that the angle valve research center of China Building and sanitary ceramics industry was officially established in Guangdong Hent technology. This will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the domestic building and sanitary ceramics industry, promote technological innovation and improve the quality of angle valve products.
The company was founded in Nan'an City, Fujian Province in 1993 and moved to Guangdong Province in 2003. After more than ten years of refining, crystallization and technological innovation, it has achieved a modern industrial enterprise with strong scientific research strength, advanced processing technology, testing technology and equipment, orderly enterprise management and high product quality. Its product market positioning, popularization of high-tech application as the concept, professional production as the leading development policy. It can achieve an annual output of more than 300000 sets of special and general temperature control valves for solar water heaters and electric water heaters, and more than 20 million precision ceramic valve core series products.
At the end of the interview, Xie Xiangxin once again stressed that in the future, regardless of the overall environment and the direction of the market, the quality of products will always come first. "As long as we practice our internal skills, innovate constantly, pay attention to quality and operate in good faith, the enterprise will survive for a long time. Otherwise, it is doomed to be eliminated!"



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